Sep 20, 2016
JavaScript Objects, Functions aka Classes In ES5

JavaScript has five primitive data types: string, number, boolean, null and undefined. And operators like, +, -, typeof, instanceof etc. Other than these, everything else are objects. Even functions are objects, can be created by invoking by Function constructor and typeof on a function returns function.

Sep 19, 2016
Configure GitLab backup into Amazon S3

In the previous post, I tried to write a step by step procedure to install and configure a GitLab Community Edition Server. Now, whenever we are running a server with some kind of hosting, whatever that may be, site-hosting, file-hosting, image-hosting or any other kind of hosting, proper backup is needed. Whatever we do to protect our server, for a cloud vps, it’s unlikely, but it may crash, or for some un-known reason, hosting account may be suspended, or host may go down for bankruptsy or server’s IP may get banned and the site can’t be accessed due to the firewall of the ISP. So, there are many reasons, that can result in no-access-to-the-server. And as a precaution, we need to take backup of the server regularly.

Sep 17, 2016
Installation And Configuration Of GitLab Server With CI

Please select Ubuntu 16.04, if it’s possible, as the server os, for both the servers. I’m using this. I’ll try to write the steps as os agnostic as possible and shall try to give proper links to install for other distributions.

Sep 16, 2016
How I Host Private GitLab With CI For Less Than Four Euro

We the creators must take good care of what we create. I, as a software developer write code. A journalist creates new articles. A researcher writes thesis. And so on. These, what we create, does not come without cost. Here the cost is, we have to conceive an idea. Do research on that idea. Collect documents, which have been created by others,on that idea or related to that idea. Read/analyse the collected resources. Think and think over the topic. For days. For months. For some, maybe some years. The creator of Pokemon Go, conceived the idea in 2010. And finally could publish in 2016. It takes time to create. Creation costs ourselves.

Sep 10, 2016
CI with Vexor

Today I’ve configured CI with Vexor for this blog. Actually I use Hexo to generate a static site and then upload the generated static content to the remote machine, hosting the blog. Quite simple.

Aug 22, 2016
Moving new Git branch with different history to master

Today I’ve learned a new thing about Git. Actually some days back, we started re-implementation of one of our old web app. Previously, the app was written with Jquery. Some days back, we felt that, it would be better, if we could use ReactJs for the app, as it only shows updates, and each of the updates has it’s own life cycle. So, thought this would be a good use case to leverage the powerful features of ReactJs.

Apr 27, 2016
Show modal dialog in IE with IFrame

We had used modal dialog of IE, in one of our old projects. What we did there, opened one modal dialog, with one url to a external website. In the external page (not maintained by us), one variable returnValue was set to window with the intended value (one object actually), and we used to get the resultant from the return value of showModalDialog, as this returns the value present in window.returnValue of the modal.

Apr 22, 2016
JavaScript 'bind': a less used magic

There is a method bind available in function.prototype of JavaScript. Do you know? May be.

I got to know about this in detail at quite a later time in my programming carrier. I heard and read about the method. But couldn’t find good example/use-case to use. Recently one of my colleagues came with a puzzle question, how to write this multiply function so that the following would return 120 the product of the numbers passed.

Apr 20, 2016
JavaScript: What is the type of 'return'

When we think of the return type, we think of the type of data, returned by the concerned function in JavaScript.

function welcome() {
return "Welcome!!!"; /// Return type is 'String'

But, sometimes back came accross an example of a function.

function add(a, b) {
return (
console.log(a + b),
a + b

console.log(add(2, 2));

What would be the output???

Mar 2, 2016
Security Concerns To Build One AngularJS App

An AngularJS web app finally results in a Single Page Web Application, managing it’s own routes, states (models), incorporating workflows, CRUD operations and much more around some tasks. So, primarily we have to concentrate on the common flaws found in an web app and then figure out what kind of direct or derived vulnerability may be caused in our app.