I’m Arnab. Arnab Das, from Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Thank you for visiting this blog and taking interest to come to this about page.

There is nothing much to say about me. On completion of MCA from formerly Bengal Engineering And Science University now IIEST, Shibpur, in 2010, got a job in Anshin Software. Later the company was taken over by Nomura Research Institute and continued its operation as NRI FinTech. I worked there until June, 2015. Then left Kolkata and came to Hyderabad. Joined Pramati Technologies. And still I’m working as an employee in this company.

I started my career with Silverlight and C# as the codebehind. At that, worked a little bit with WCF also. Until April, 2012.

After that, moved to frontend development, with AngularJS as main focus. AngularJS, then only starting to become popular, did a lot of POC’s for Nomura’s many legacy web products. Took some internal seminars to give training for AngularJS.

In Pramati, first joined a small AngularJS team and worked there for one year and later moved to Imaginea Labs and still working there.

Currently learning ReactJS and rewritten Yam’in with it. Now trying to make Memoirable, an online diary with ReactJS in frontend and Google drive as the storage.

This blog was started as a kind of ‘retribution’ of an individual, working for more than five years in IT service sector. I know the word is heavy to use in this context. But, I think this justifies the kind of frustration, for not doing something meaningful, vide. first post, Hello, world.

I always try to look forward to use or make tools/technology, which can make programming a ‘little bit’ easier. But, don’t always get the time/motivation to do something. And truthfully, I’m not self-motivated at an extreme, that’s to say I’m not desperate to prove myself. I just want to do something for myself, nothing else.

If you are interested to contact with me, please leave a comment below. I’m not giving mail address here to avoid spams.

Thanks & regards,
Arnab Das
Github: arnabdas
Twitter: coderuse
LinkedIn: aarnabdas

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