Hello world!

Nov 28, 2015

After thinking a lot and checking the amount of free time I get, finally decided to start a blog. I know after a short period of time eventually I would get bored and just stop to update this site. There is a risk of this to happen. But at-least let’s just start it. Later, we will see. There must be something, I can say, I’ve done this. After working for a long time in service sector, I think this is a common trait built in every software engineers to do something, that s/he can take credit of.

Actually what we do, the solutions can be searched and surprisingly people have already come across the same problem one to three years back. StackOverflow is practically “Overflowing” with suitable answers to all of our questions. So there is no need to think over anything. And even if we get a real problem to solve (apparently the solution of which could not be found by Google search), managers understands that and discusses with client with such a rigor and extensiveness, that eventually the poor creature modifies the requirement and the problem gets “SOLVED”.

With having no friend and attachments outside of the office, this blog will ultimately turn into a common “TECHNOLOGY BLOG”. I know. But, I’ll try to write fascinating ideas, conceptions to me.

And of-course let’s hope that, I do not lose interest to update this. :-)

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